Python MongoDB

To create connection between Python programming language and MongoDB database, we need to first install pymongo driver. Here, we are creating an example that connects to the database and performs basic database operations.

This example includes the following steps:

1) Install Driver

$ pip install pymongo
MongoDB Python mongodb connectivity 1

2) Create Python File


from pymongo import MongoClient # import mongo client to connect
import pprint
# Creating instance of mongoclient
client = MongoClient()
# Creating database
db = client.rookienerd
employee = {"id": "101",
"name": "Peter",
"profession": "Software Engineer",
# Creating document
employees = db.employees
# Inserting data
# Fetching data

3) Execute Python Script

This script prints the inserted record on the console.

MongoDB Python mongodb connectivity 2

4) Enter into Mongo Shell

Now, enter into MongoDB database shell to see the created database and collection.

We can use following command to enter into the database.

$ mongo
MongoDB Python mongodb connectivity 3

5) Check Databases

The following command is used to show available databases.

> show dbs
MongoDB Python mongodb connectivity 4

6) Check Collection

The following command is used to show available collection into the database.

> show collections
MongoDB Python mongodb connectivity 5

7) Access Records

We can see the stored records in particular collection. The following command is used to show the record.

> db.employees.find()
MongoDB Python mongodb connectivity 6
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