Following is a list of usable data types in MongoDB.

Data TypesDescription
StringString is the most commonly used datatype. It is used to store data. A string must be UTF 8 valid in mongodb.
IntegerInteger is used to store the numeric value. It can be 32 bit or 64 bit depending on the server you are using.
BooleanThis datatype is used to store boolean values. It just shows YES/NO values.
DoubleDouble datatype stores floating point values.
Min/Max KeysThis datatype compare a value against the lowest and highest bson elements.
ArraysThis datatype is used to store a list or multiple values into a single key.
ObjectObject datatype is used for embedded documents.
NullIt is used to store null values.
SymbolIt is generally used for languages that use a specific type.
DateThis datatype stores the current date or time in unix time format. It makes you possible to specify your own date time by creating object of date and pass the value of date, month, year into it.
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