C++ Destructor

A destructor works opposite to constructor; it destructs the objects of classes. It can be defined only once in a class. Like constructors, it is invoked automatically.

A destructor is defined like constructor. It must have same name as class. But it is prefixed with a tilde sign (~).

C++ destructor cannot have parameters. Moreover, modifiers can't be applied on destructors.

C++ Constructor and Destructor Example

Let's see an example of constructor and destructor in C++ which is called automatically.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class Employee
            cout<<"Constructor Invoked"<<endl;  
            cout<<"Destructor Invoked"<<endl;  
int main(void) 
    Employee e1; //creating an object of Employee 
    Employee e2; //creating an object of Employee
    return 0;
Constructor Invoked Constructor Invoked Destructor Invoked Destructor Invoked
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