MySQL SELECT Statement

The MySQL SELECT statement is used to fetch data from the one or more tables in MySQL. We can retrieve records of all fields or specified fields.

Syntax for specified fields:

SELECT expressions
FROM tables
[WHERE conditions];

Syntax for all fields:

SELECT * FROM tables [WHERE conditions];

MySQL SELECT Example 1: for specified fields

In such case, it is mandatory to specify field names.


SELECT officer_name, address
FROM officers
mysql select

MySQL SELECT Example 2: for all fields

In such case, we can specify either all fields or * (asterisk) symbol.

SELECT * FROM officers
mysql select

MySQL SELECT Example 3: from multiple tables

MySQL SELECT statement can also be used to retrieve records from multiple tables by using JOIN statement.

Let's take two tables "students" and "officers", having the following data.

mysql select

Execute the following query:

SELECT officers.officer_id, students.student_name
FROM students
INNER JOIN officers
ON students.student_id = officers.officer_id
ORDER BY student_id;


mysql select
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