The Global Object

The javaScript programs run inside a host environment (the browser). The host environment provides a global object and all global variables are actually properties of the global object.

If your host environment is the web browser, the global object is called window.

Declaring a global variable, outside of any function as below.

var a = 1;

The above global variable can be accessed in various ways:

  • As a variable 'a'
  • As a property of the global object, for example window['a'] or window.a

Now define a constructor function and call it without the new operator. In such cases this refers to the global object and all properties set with this become properties of window.

Declaring a constructor function and calling it without new, returns undefined.

function Hero(name) { = name;
var h = Hero('Leonardo');

typeof h

h has no properties

Because you had this inside Hero, a global variable (a property of the global object) called name was created.


If you call the same constructor function but this time using new, then a new object is returned and this refers to it.

var h2 = new Hero('Michelangelo');

typeof h2

The global functions can also be invoked as methods of the window object. The following two codes are the same.

parseInt('101 dalmatians')

window.parseInt('101 dalmatians')
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