Popup Window

window.open()/ window.close()

window object method open() allows you to open up new browser windows (popups). Various browser policies and user settings may prevent you from opening a popup (due to abuse of the technique for marketing purposes), but generally you should be able to open a new window if it was initiated by the user. Otherwise, if you try to open a popup as the page loads, it will most likely be blocked, because the user didn't initiate it explicitly.

window.open() accepts the following parameters.

Comma-separated list of features, such as:

URLto load in the new window
NameName of the new window, which can be used as the value of a form's target attribute
resizableshould the user be able to resize the new window
widthwidth of the popup
heightheight of the popup
statusshould the status bar be visible and so on

window.open() returns a reference to the window object of the newly created browser instance.

Here's an example.
var popup = window.open('http://www.rookienerd.com', 'packt', 'width=300,height=300,resizable=yes');

popup points to the window object of the popup. You can check if popup has a falsy value, which means that the popup was blocked.

popup.close() //closes the new window.

It's best to stay away from opening new windows for accessibility and usability reasons. Alternatively this can be achieved by using a floating <div> inside the page.

window.moveTo(), window.resizeTo()

window object methods like moveTo() and resizeTo() to locate and position the browser window in the screen.

window.moveTo(100, 100)will move the browser window to screen location x = 100 and y = 100 (counted from the top left corner).
window.moveBy(10, -10)will move the window 10 pixels to the right and 10 pixels up from its current location.
window.resizeTo(x, y)/ window.resizeBy(x, y)accept the same parameters as the move methods but they resize the window as opposed to moving it.
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