Node.js vs Java

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1. Node.js is single-threaded. Java is multi-threaded
2. It has asynchronous I/O. It has synchronous I/O.
3. Node.js is faster than Java because of its asynchronous and non-blocking nature. Java is synchronous in nature so it is slower than Node.js.

Node.js advantages over Java

Following is a list of some important points that makes Node.js superior to Java:

  • Node.js shows extremely good performance. It is almost 20% faster than Java.
  • Node.js has active and vibrant community, with lots of code shared via github, etc.
  • Node.js has growing number of good npm libraries.
  • Node.js has an asynchronous IO which is the future for concurrency and scalability.
  • Node.js cuts down the overall processing time while uploading audio and video files. Node.js applications never buffer any data. So it is preferred for video uploading.
  • A web server written in Node.js will be faster than apache.

Java advantages over Node.js

Following is a list of some important points where Java leads:

  • Java has a rock-solid foundation with over 20 years of existence. So it is more reliable and widely used.
  • Java developers have Eclipse, NetBeans, or IntelliJ, three top-notch tools that are well-integrated with debuggers, decompilers, and servers.
  • Java facilitates remote debugging.
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