C# Call By Value

In C#, value-type parameters are that pass a copy of original value to the function rather than reference. It does not modify the original value. A change made in passed value does not alter the actual value. In the following example, we have pass value during function call.

using System;
namespace CallByValue
    class Program
        // User defined function
        public void Show(int val)
             val *= val; // Manipulating value
            Console.WriteLine("Value inside the show function "+val);
            // No return statement
        // Main function, execution entry point of the program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            int val = 50;
            Program program = new Program(); // Creating Object
            Console.WriteLine("Value before calling the function "+val);
            program.Show(val); // Calling Function by passing value          
            Console.WriteLine("Value after calling the function " + val);
Value before calling the function 50 Value inside the show function 2500 Value after calling the function 50
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