New Form controls in Html5

The output Element
The output element accepts and display the result of a calculation. The output element should be used when the user can see the value, but not directly manipulate it, and when the value can be derived from other values entered in the form. The output element can be styled with CSS.

The new <progress> and <meter> elements can be similarly associated with a form to provide feedback to a user.

Example: The total cost calculated after shipping and taxes in a shopping cart.

Using the JavaScript we can update this value. The output element has a for attribute, which is used to reference the ids of form fields whose values went into the calculation of the output element’s value.

<output onforminput=”value=tap.value”>5</output>
The keygen Element
The keygen element is a control for generating a public-private keypair and for submitting the public key from that key pair.

Opera,WebKit, and Firefox all support this element, rendering it as a drop-down menu with options for the length of the generated keys.

The keygen element introduces two new attributes: the challenge attribute specifies a string that is submitted along with the public key, and the keytype attribute specifies the type of key generated. The only supported keytype value is rsa, a common algorithm used in public-key cryptography
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