Colors are used to define the color of a background or the color of the font.

1. Color Name : "aqua, black, etc.," 2. RGB Model - A color can be obtained by mixing of three fundamental colors Red, Green and Blue.
Font Names
Font Names : "serif", "cursive", fantasy" or "monospace" List of font names can be given. Browser uses the first recognized font name or its default settings.
<body> Attributes
The following two attributes can be used to assign color. bgcolor=color - defines background color of the web page text=color - defines the text color of the page.
The margin attributes
There are four margin attributes. leftmargin - default 10px rightmargin - default 10px topmargin - default 15px bottommargin - default 0px
The <basefont> element
The browser will render the text in a document according to the default settings. The following attributes can be used to set the <basefont> color=color face=font size=size <basefont size="+5" face="fantasy" color="black">
The <font> element
The block of text can be modified using the <font> element. color=color face=font size=size <font size="+5" afce="fantasy. arial" color="black"> This text is placed inside the font element </font>
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