SEO on Single Page Application

Once a person signed into an application, the personalized pages of that specific user, wouldn’t get indexed. For example, you wouldn’t want your Reader account, Facebook logged in pages, or Blog CMS pages indexed.

If you want SEO for your application , how does SEO work for applications/sites that get their pages built with Javascript? Search engines have a difficult time processing these applications because the content is built dynamically by the browser and not visible to crawlers.

Making Your App SEO Friendly
Techniques to make Javascript single page applications SEO friendly require regular maintenance. According to the official Google suggestions, you would create HTML snapshots. The basic overview of how it would work is that:

A crawler would find a pretty URL ( The crawler would then ask the server for the contents of this URL (in a special modified way) Web server returns content using an HTML snapshot HTML snapshot is processed by the crawler. Search results then show the original URL
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