<frameset> attributes

The frameset element accepts attributes to describe the content and thepprearance of the frame

cols => +ive integers, % - size as parent frome, n* - where n defines the equal parts of the rest of the space.
rows - horizontal division of the frameset
border - defines the thickness of the inner frame
bordercolor - defines the color of the borders.
frameborder - Border visible or not. The possible values are "yes" and "no"
framespacing - similar to frameborder (only internet explorer)

<frameset rows="150,*,10%,100" cols="*,*,*" frameborder="no">
<frameset cols="100,5*,*,105" border="15" bordercolor="#ff0000" frameborder="yes">
<frame src="logo.gif" noresize>
<frame src="p1.html">
<frame src="p2.html">
<frame src="p3.html">
<frame src="p4.html">
<frame src="p5.html" marginwidth="100" scrolling="yes">
<frame src="p2.html" marginwidth="100" bordercolor="blue">
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