Imagine the number of times you have had the same snippet of the HTML code repeated over your application code. In the following code snippet, we are going to create a new directive with the code to reuse this:

<div alert></div>
parking.directive("alert", function() {
return {
template: "<div class='alert'>" +
"<span class='alert-topic'>" +
"Something went wrong!" +
"</span>" +
"<span class='alert-description'>" +
"You must inform the plate and the color of the car!" +
"</span>" +
The output, after AngularJS has compiled the directive, is the following:
<div alert="">
<div class="alert">
<span class="alert-topic">
Something went wrong!
<span class="alert-description">
You must inform the plate and the color of the car!
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