External-Style Sheets

External Styles are defined on the External Style Sheet, which is linked to the web page(s).

To create a link between a web page and an external style sheet, place a <link> element inside the <head>..</head> element of that web page. Three attributes of the <link> element are required.

typetext/ css
hrefURL of the external style sheet

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css />
For example create an html page home.html and add the styles for the html elements in a separate css stylesheet file style.css
a {font-style: underline;}
p {style="color: red;}
h2 {font-style:italic; color: #efefef;}
<h2>This is a Title</h2>
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body {padding: 20px;}
a {font-style: underline;}
p {color: red;}
h2 {font-style:italic; color: #efefef;}
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