Links to ftp web sites

We can define a link to the specific directory on a server connected to the internet. The browser behaves based on the server settings.

- If the link contains the http protocol, the server will try to return a default document (eg. default.htm for an Apache Server)
- If adefault document doesn't exist or the server is not configured to return it, the server can be configured to returned the directory structure for that internet directory.
- If the link contains an ftp protocol, the server will return a directory structure for that internet directory(if permitted by the server's security settings). Then the user can execute operations (read, write to and delete files and directories), depending on the level of access granted by the server. The server may be configured to require a user name and password or employ other security measures.

To create a link to an ftp server, use an element with the href attribute set for ftp protocol instead of http protocol (eg. href="")
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