attributes for the <textarea> element

The following are attributes of the <textarea> element

disabled - to disable the element so the user cannot select it and the browser doesn't submit its value.
readonly - the user cannot change its content
cols - to determine the horizontal size in characters of the visible area allocated to the element (if the line typed doesn't fit a horizontal scrolling appears)
rows - to determine the number of lines allocated to the element for the visible area (if the typed text doesn't fit a vertical scroll bar will appear)
wrap - to determine how CR/ LF characters (line breaks) are handled. THe possible values are
- off - so the user can insert the CR/ LF characters. These characters will be submitted as %0D%0A%
- soft or virtual (default value) - the text is visually wrapped inside the text area element, but only the user -entered CR/ LF characters will be submitted.
- hard or physical - the text is visually and automatically wrapped and the CR/ LF sequences are automatically inserted. These automatically inserted sequences will be submitted together with other similar sequences inserted by the user.
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