Encoding the data

The browser encodes the forms data before sending it to the receiver. The technique used to encode depends on the value of the enctype attribute. The possible values of this attributes are

- "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" used in conjunction with the GET method(default settings)
- the data is sent as a list of name=value pairs separated by and symbols.
- Any white space is replaced by a +symbol.
- Any non-alphanumeric character is replaced by % plus the ASCII code for that character.
- Line brakes are replaced by %0D%0A% (CR/ LF)
- "text/plain" used in conjunction with the mailto action for sending data by e-mail. This case is similar to the preceding case, but the white spaces are not by +symbols.
-"multiform/form-data" used in conjunction with the POST method to send images or files to the server (i.e uploading)
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