attributes of the <form> element

The attributes of the <form> element

The <form> element can be used by client-side or server-side applications to read data entered by the user and write the results from the web applications.

action - to define the receiver of the form data. If the attribute is missing, the web page itself us consider to be the receiver.
The possible values are
- The url of the web application to process the data(
- A valid email address to send the data via mailto protocol (eg: "
- method to define the method used to send the form data. The possible values are

= GET - to attach data to the URL string using name/ value syntax (default setting)
= POST - to send data to the server in a separate transaction.

- enctype - to define the method used to encode data before sending it to the server.
- target - to define a new browser window in which the results will appear.
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